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    Gunmaster: Known for quality; built for lasting value; at affordable prices every gun owner appreciates.

    Whether you are a seasonal hunter or frequent competition shooter, Gunmaster offers everything you need for any caliber or shotgun to keep your firearms ready and trustworthy for the next outing. Our cleaning kits, gunsmithing tools and accessories, and our wide assortment of gun locks are built for precision and the rigors of everyday outdoor and range elements, yet are affordable enough for the occasional shooter or lucky recipient of passed down family heirlooms.

    Clean, maintain and protect with Gunmaster confidence.

    Our History

    Since our launch in the 1990’s, DAC Technologies and the Gunmaster line have enjoyed unprecedented growth based on trust and value. We have become the leading supplier to gun owners, mass merchants and retailers. Always the innovator, you can count on us to keep up with the needs of today’s firearm enthusiasts.


    We pledge to always provide products which exceed your expectations at the lowest price possible.


    All of our products are made to rigorous standards using high quality materials any gun enthusiast would be proud to own.


    Everything we do has a full one-year warranty. Replacement or replacement parts are available and will be immediately sent at no cost.